Passenger held for failing to pay child support

St. John’s — Unpaid child support cost a man his flight from Antigua to Puerto Rico as local authorities pulled him off an airplane on a warrant for his arrest for thousands of dollars due for his child’s upkeep.

The Five Island man, whose name was not disclosed to the press, was aboard a LIAT flight departing VC Bird International Airport late yesterday when police and immigration officers reportedly swooped down on him.

Sources said he was taken from the plane and escorted to a waiting police van. The investigators drove him to St John’s Police Station where he remained up to press time.

Reports indicate the man girlfriend’s – who is not the mother of the child for which monies are outstanding – took ill as she got the news of his arrest.

She had just kissed him goodbye and hired a taxi to get back to the city.

“Apparently she fainted. She was in the taxi and she fell ill. The ambulance had to come for her and they took her away,” a source reported.

Meantime, in an unrelated incident, a Chinese national was nabbed at the airport on Friday when he entered the country with over $40,000 in cash.

The immigrant did not declare the money as is required under the Customs Act. The Act mandates that people travelling in and out the country must declare any quantity of money that exceeds US$10,000.

Customs officials are investigating the matter, but sources said the man is no longer in custody. (Antigua Observer)

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