Car dealer's throat slashed

Police and onlookers gather at the crime scene where the body of Michael Rochester (inset) was found with his throat slashed.

KINGSTON — Quick action by cops in the Area Three Police Division (Manchester, Clarendon and St Elizabeth) yesterday resulted in the recovery of two motor cars and a firearm, as well as the apprehension of three men who are prime suspects in the brutal murder of a St Elizabeth used car dealer.

Police report that the killers slashed 27-year-old Michael Rochester’s throat along the Spur Tree main road and threw his body out of a car he had apparently agreed to have them test drive as a precondition to a sale.

As news of the murder, which was apparently committed about 3:23 pm spread, the police, demonstrating co-ordination and efficiency, held one of the suspects in Spur Tree, Manchester. The other two were intercepted in a car in Toll Gate, Clarendon, where the police said they also found a firearm.

Two cars are now in police custody and the men are being questioned.

Assistant Commissioner of Police for the Division, Derrick Cochrane, expressed satisfaction yesterday evening at how the police from all three parishes in the division worked together.

“No praise can be too high for the tremendous effort of the police personnel involved in accosting these three alleged perpetuators of the murder of Mr Rochester,” he told the Jamaica Observer.

Yesterday, the slain man’s father, Guy Rochester, told the Observer that his son had advertised to sell a Toyota Corolla motor car.

He said that yesterday, “some guys came to Gutters” (on the St Elizabeth/Manchester border) from Spanish Town to meet his son about the car.

Guy Rochester said he spoke to his son on the phone just before the incident happened.

“He told me they were going up Spur Tree and they were doing a test drive of the car,” Guy Rochester said. (Observer)

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