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Millennium Development Goal #4: Reduce Child Mortality

Child Mortality implies the death of infants and children under the age of five. The plan is to reduce the death rate among children under five by two-thirds.

Projects by WAGGGS

WAGGGS is involved in a selection of projects worldwide, varying from regional to international level. Projects undertaken by WAGGGS provide another way for the organization to enthusiastically involve girls and young women in areas where they can make a difference.

Projects are created in sections from environmental affairs, health and functioning towards peace to international agreement, but these are just a few brief areas being looked at by the organization. Also providing opportunities for Member Organizations to reach out across the world and link up with different countries in an exchange of skills and resources.

WAGGGS works with a wide range of NGOs and UN agencies on projects where recognised specialists are required. This allows us to influence decision making in issues affecting girls and young women.

Mutual Aid Scheme

The Mutual Aid Scheme aims to help international assistance, friendship and understanding among Member Organizations of WAGGGS. Within the system, Member Organizations with higher profits pledge funds to support projects run by Member Organizations in minor countries. These projects differ in their nature, but are all considered to develop the lives of girls and young women, and their society.

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