Silence the noise

I too believe legislation needs to be put in place about the noise in Barbados. It is absolutely ridiculous.

I’m in the lower part of Hill Road, Bank Hall and have to put up with a sort of a four-wheel-drive vehicle, which I do not think should be on the road at all.

It is driven by the owner up and down the road as though it is a race track. Then the cars with the noisy mufflers, no regards for residents. It is difficult to hear the radio or television at times.

We’re suppose to be a tourist resort, but we are running our guests. I think the Government needs to look out for its citizens much better than what it’s doing.

The burning of stuff, is absolutely disgusting, affecting the asthmatics. Burning of stuff in the afternoon in particular should be a no-no.

Yes the legislation should be put in place.

— Sylvia Cheeseman

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