Save our soul

Mia Mottley chats with Clyde Griffith (backing) and Conde Riley.

Parliamentary representative for St. Michael North East, Mia Mottley, has argued that the next general elections will be about the soul of Barbados.

Mottley presented this argument last night while addressing a mass meeting at Sayers Court, Christ Church.

The former Attorney General asked: “Is this the Barbados we were born in?”

Referring to a story carried in another section of the press, Mottley said that next weekend many young Barbadians would not be able to attend classes at the University of the West Indies because the Government would not pay the $156 million owed to that institution.

Mottley told her audience that four years ago the Supreme Court passed judgement in favour of contractor Al Barrack, yet he was still awaiting the disbursement of the funds by Government.

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