'Lowe has to go'

Section of the crowd at Sayes Court last night.

Barbados Labour Party candidate for Christ Church East, Wilfred Abrahams, has claimed that the Democratic Labour Party is trying to control the media.

“Not since the Nazi government has a party sought to control the media. The Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation is the worst television station in the world. The first seven minutes of the newscast is dedicated to a minister of Government. Something has to change, Dr. Denis Lowe has to go.”

Abrahams’ charges were levelled at the Freundel Stuart Administration on Sunday night while addressing a mass meeting at Sayes Court, Christ Church.

He argued that the DLP was cracking up, with Minister of Agriculture Dr. David Estwick threatening to resign if more resources were not allocated to his ministry and Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite opposing Government’s plans to invest funds in the Four Seasons project.

He further said that Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler had no choice but to order an enquiry into the operations of the Barbados Water Authority, while adding that Barbadians were hoping that Sinckler would have addressed the concerns of CLICO policy holders and investors.

Arguing that Christ Church East MP was the new poster boy of the DLP, Abrahams said Lowe represented all of the things that were wrong with the party.

Referring to a piece of correspondence, Abrahams said that a long-standing member of the DLP had resigned because the tendering process was not adhered to in the award of a contract for repairs to a Sanitation Service Authority vehicle.

Charging that Lowe chaired meetings of the board of the SSA, Abrahams noted that although scrap metal was a very lucrative business in the world today, Lowe had swapped the highly valuable Bagatelle Metal Dump for a piece of land at River Bay, the value of which was yet to be determined.

Abrahams charged too that some people were being employed at the BWA without being interviewed. He cited several cases of what he termed financial malpractice at that institution and noted that the Auditor General had suggested that someone should be held accountable. (NC)

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