Easy living baby!

I’ve written about a host of different issues over the past year and a half and I’m always amazed when I realise that they’re a whole range of topics out there that many are unaware of and need to be informed about.

They’ve been so many progressive and upward strides in the disabled world that I marvel at the fact that they never sit back and take whatever society throws at them – if anything at all. They’ve truly displayed to the world that they are not to be hidden away or kept silent, but have shown us that there are ways for them to not only survive but live in this world with a few adaptations.

When you’re an expectant parent you’re usually bombarded with people’s opinions and a multitude of choices that have to be made in preparation for the baby. However, when it comes to a parent who is disabled, some of those choices can be very limited and limiting. I came across some really nice designs that would make life for such a parent easier, comforting and even liberating.

There are cribs which as you can see, instead of having to stand to put in or take out the baby, can open out at the sides giving the wheelchair bound parent easy access. For us able bodied parents this is something we do without even thinking, but for the disabled parent it can rob them of one of the most intimate moments we spend with our children, especially in the early stages.

This doesn’t have to happen at all as it’s really easy for the parent to maneuver with these cribs since the height is also taken into consideration (something that many forget to include in their plans) and also the safety of the child.

Another useful product which has been around for a very long time which is used by the disabled as well as the able bodied, albeit for different reasons, are musical potties. While the able bodied buy it to help potty train their children, many visually impaired parents use this tool to let them know when the child has done something or not. They have integral electronic sensors which detect temperature increases or moisture and then play a tune. They also come in vibrant colours which is another great feature of these potties.

Then there are the wheelchairs with baby strollers and carriers attached. These can either be facing out or facing inwards with the parent looking at the child. These in many ways allow the parent the opportunity to take their child for a stroll just like any other parent. It can be bought separately and some of the features include a folding tubular frame, a release lever, a reclining seat, safety straps and an optional rain cover.

Slings have also become quite a fashion statement especially for 21st century moms and dads (yes, I said dads), but have been great for the disabled when it comes to carrying their baby. There have been many variations to how the sling can be worn and baby supported for those who have challenges with mobility – and this has become a nurturing tool in more ways than one.

When you really think about it, we can really make life a lot easier, simpler and convenient for those disabled parents among us who are now starting their journey on parenthood. We don’t even necessarily have to search the Internet high and low to find some of the things mentioned above.

For example, the crib can easily be made here with the amount of skilled craftsmen we have and can even be marketed outside of our shores. As a matter of fact, this can also serve as an incentive for inclusive tourism here and in the wider Caribbean. When you have a good product and it is packaged and marketed properly the world is at your fingertips.

As people begin and in some cases continue to take a stand for equality in all facets of life, it is important that we as a nation not only keep up but embrace it. Our minds have got to be in a place where we listen and take heed to the plight of the disabled when they speak out about matters which concern them.

Sometimes I get the feeling that because we hear the same equality message being preached often, we take on the “Whatever?!” attitude; but the disabled are going nowhere and will be heard whether we like it or not. Let’s do what we can for those who need a little help in living their lives to the fullest. As a parent how could you not?

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