Opposition Leader Owen Arthur being heralded upon his arrival at Sayes Court.

Opposition Leader Owen Arthur has given the Freundel Stuart Administration the assurance that his party will support it if it has to borrow money to settle the CLICO issue.

Arthur gave this assurance on Sunday night while addressing a mass meeting at Sayers Court, Christ Church.

The St. Peter MP told the gathering: “Stop talking foolishness Freundel Stuart, about whether reports are stolen or not or whether you have read them. There are 30,000 Barbadians that are suffering and we have already told you in March to bring the matter to Parliament. Set aside a CLICO day. If you are afraid of what the IMF or Moody’s or Standard & Poors will say to your Government, let them hear the voice of all the people’s representatives.

“If we have to borrow to fix the problem, the Barbados Labour Party is not going to quarrel about that, because we cannot allow our people to suffer, while we are afraid to act. So Stuart, Chris Sinckler, let’s fix it. People have elected us to govern their affairs, not to dog-dance and find an excuse for not acting. They have elected us to be firm and decisive when the people’s interests are in peril. Some of the 30,000 Barbadians have to go back to work, because they are no longer getting interest from CLICO.”

Arthur queried what kind of country Barbadians were living in if a Prime Minister rather than acting, was trying to find every excuse for inertia and inaction.

“Tell the IMF and Standard & Poors that we have been elected as the people’s representatives to look after the people’s welfare. The same way that President Obama could find the resources to fix their banks and their car industry, we on a lesser scale, but equally responsible understand our duty to the poor people of this country,” Arthur said.

He gave CLICO investors the assurance that if they were elected the first act of business would be to fix it.

Earlier, Arthur said that for the first time since Independence Barbados was in a fine mess and at the centre of this mess was a political cancer.

He further charged that Barbados’ problems were being caused by the way in which it was being governed.

Arthur said he had come not only to prosecute, but to offer a message of hope that “we will fix it”.

“For the first time in the history of this country we cannot see the future. We cannot see beyond the horizon. We are living now in another back-water, backward country reduced to shambles because of a bankrupt and ignorant Government,” Arthur said.

The St. Peter MP charged that Barbados’ problem was one of governance. He further posited that week by week Barbados was being reduced because of the wrongdoings that were taking place in the Democratic Labour Party. (NC)

2 Responses to Borrow!

  1. Michael Goodman August 28, 2012 at 3:22 pm

    At last! Some basic common sense!
    And to those who start bleating about the country borrowing money to pay back ‘investors’, let’s get this straight. 34,200 of these policyholders purchased ordinary life, annuity and pension policies exactly the same as those sold by all the other major insurance companies in Barbados.
    And what do you think these same policyholders are going to do with their money when they get it back? They will spend it and/or invest it (in reputable companies) thus putting it straight back into circulation in the economy, where it is desperately needed right now, saving jobs and boosting businesses.
    This action would finally bring to an end nearly four years of unnecessary hardship, anxiety and desperation suffered by ordinary people who entrusted their life savings to a “prudent and well managed company”. It will also bring to an end the avoidance, disinterest and disrespect to which these people have been subjected.

  2. AOG August 29, 2012 at 9:00 am

    So will the BLP borrow money to assist every private company that falls into difficulty that Bajans have invested in? Or is this a one time thing?

    And when this money is borrowed, will I, a non-investor be expected to cough up any tax monies to repay this debt?

    Just asking…


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