Bajans losing hope in DLP

Margo Durant- Callender.

Barbados Labour Party candidate for Christ Church West Central, Margo Durant-Callender, has charged that hope has faded for many Barbadians. Durant- Callender expressed this concern on Sunday night while addressing a Barbados Labour Party meeting at Sayes Court, Christ Church, saying: “Duty has brought me here. I have come to bring hope to the people. There is very little hope of a bright future. We are living a nightmare. The Democratic Labour Party is always looking around for someone to blame. Now is the time to say enough is enough.”

She charged that Prime Minister Freundel Stuart remained unmoved even though the country was going nowhere, and recalled that a number of his own party had expressed a lack of confidence in his leadership.

The BLP candidate charged that the DLP had presided over an increase of 30 per cent in the prices of food. While she noted that the DLP was saying that a country was more than an economy, she claimed they were building a depressed society.

The Christ Church West Central candidate said the Four Seasons project was yet to be restarted, while the one in Pickering, St. Lucy never got off the ground. She charged that in both cases Barbadians were promised hundreds of jobs.

The candidate further charged that over the past four years carpenters and masons were out of work, as were many other artisans because some contractors were using pre-cast concrete slabs in the construction of houses.

She recalled that even though the late David Thompson had said a fishing agreement could have been signed with Trinidad and Tobago over a bowl of soup at Consett Bay, four years later Barbadian fishermen were still being arrested if they entered Tobago waters.

She also took issue with Prime Minister Stuart’s advice to young people not to look to Government for jobs, but to set up their own businesses, charging that Government was playing “mind games”.

“Government is playing a mind game with the people. Our young people are being taken for a ride. There is talk, but no action. The young people have received very little from the DLP,” Durant-Callender said.

The people were looking for someone with a proven record, she said, and they had sent out a SOS.

“The BLP has a duty to small contractors and small shopkeepers. We have a duty to all people who were being oppressed by the DLP. The time for action is now.” (NC)

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