Maxi style

Customers can’t get enough of the Mini cross-over.

People looking for a new car have an exciting option.

This evening, MQI launched its Mini Showroom at its Wildey, St. Michael automobile dealership with much fanfare.

Group Brand Manager BMW, Johnny Tudor said at the event that the car, which has been around in Barbados for more than 40 years, was one of the “most exciting”.

“The mini brand in Barbados is known . . . and what has happened is that it has been rebranded and is now under the auspices completely of BMW. The entire design and all of the offerings are new to the world market and we felt that it is a Mini but there a number of different varieties of the Mini now.

“We now have the Mini One, which is what we would have known in Barbados over the years, which is the standard Mini. Then we have the Mini Cooper .. and that is a slightly bigger engine capacity and then we have the Mini Cooper S. It is a very, very fast car,” he said.

Tudor said that Barbadians “get a thrill when they see the Mini on the road” and on the Bushy Park racing circuit.

Included in its range is the Mini Countryman, a four door SUV, which he said was considered a “cross-over” vehicle and had “set tongues wagging” on the international scene.

The manager added that their launch was timed to coincide with the summer Olympics in London.

MQI’s Marketing Manager, Margaret Hoyte, invited guests to test drive the cars.

There was modelling and music, and she said they were trying to merge fashion with vehicles, music and style because “at the end of the day they all go hand in hand”.


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