KFC with colourful kids

KFC Chicky Club mascot, Chicky, with members of the 2012 Fruits Ah Plenty Kiddies Kadooment Band, which copped first prize and the award for the Most Colourful band.


As if being a part of the top 2012 Kiddies Kadooment band was not exciting enough, 450 kids were treated recently to a “Sogood” lunch by KFC and a visit by Chicky Club mascot, Chicky.

This is the second consecutive year KFC has partnered with band leader Gwyneth Squires, who’s band Fruits Ah Plenty copped first prize and the award for the Most Colourful Band at this year’s parade.

There were screams of joy when Chicky turned up at the start of the Kiddies Kadooment held at the National Stadium to give support to the group of eager children, with many rushing to embrace and take photographs with him.

Children and parents from all of the other bands could not get enough Kodak moments with Chicky as he “high fived” and posed with the children and parents before the start of the parade in front of the judges.

Marketing Coordinator at KFC, Shekelia Barrow, said this is just another effort by KFC to continue its support of Barbados’ youth:

“All throughout the year we have partnered with schools, sports teams and other organisations and saw it fit at this time of year to develop a relationship with the youth surrounding the area of culture.

“In looking for a suitable partner we didn’t have to look any further than Gwyneth Squires, a perennial champion in the annual Kiddies and Grand Kadooment parades. We are delighted to be a part of another successful year and look forward to growing this relationship in years to come.”

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