Academic performance not affected by strife


Industrial strife at the Alexandra School has apparently not hampered the institution’s most recent academic performance.

Principal Jeff Broomes said results from the Caribbean Examination Council for exams sat in June showed the school was likely to record a more than 70 per cent pass rate.

Results were most outstanding in a number of areas including Physical Education and Home Economics, he said.

The principal spoke on the issue this afternoon when he was examined by his counsel Cecil McCarthy, QC. Broomes said the CXC results were attributable to the students, teachers, and a number of measures instituted at the St. Peter school.

“I thought we had a good group of children who I would have expected well from. Next year I expect even higher… I also feel you cannot just judge a group of children on one year… I think they were well thought by some very good teachers at the school, some of whom I have difficulties with [and] some of whom have difficulties with me,” he testified.

He also pointed out that a decision had been made to “streamline” the options available to students. “Now people have options to do this and do that, that are

consistent with their career goals plus their aptitudes,” he said. Also contributing to the good performance, Broomes added, were systems put in place to allow children to work in groups, in addition to the Easter Vacation Academy he said had been established with the blessing of the Ministry of Education. (SC)

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