Where is the aid?

A pool of water whenever it rains.

Bishop’s land residents waiting for flood relief for almost a year

It’s been 11 months and eight days since Ingrid Daniel complained publicly about flooding in her Bishop’s Land, St. Michael district.

It was almost a year ago that officials visited the area, which is just off Two Mile Hill, and promised to alleviate the water woes that the retiree and the other residents face whenever it rains.

Today was no different and the frustrated woman called Barbados TODAY to see first hand the condition of the road.

“This is ridiculous and I’m glad you came,” she said.

She said she hoped that by highlighting the issue again the officials from the Drainage Division of the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Transport and Works, the Constituency Council, the MP for the area Kenny Best or any other organisation or person would help them and finally bring relief and end their plight, which has been going on for several years.

Daniel said that the recent rain have caused some flooding and noted that although the water did not rise to the level it usually did when there was a downpour it still was a problem as those travelling by foot had to cling to the chain link fence and inch their way along the thin sidewalk to get in and out.

She fears that if the rain continued they would be marooned.

While the resident suggested that the authorities dig another well as the one nearby was not deep enough to hold the large volume of water, another resident said there was a big suck well nearby to which the water could be channelled.

Daniel also wants a nearby termite infested tamarind tree cut down as promised, before it crashes on her house. (DS)

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