Speightstown mission

Apostle Lynroy Scantlebury talking with one of the business owners.

Apostle Lynroy Scantlebury is working to inject more life into Speightstown.

The founder and President of the New Barbados Kingdom Alliance political party told Barbados TODAY that their intention was to give the St. Peter town a boost as the business owners and operators were complaining about the lack of and slow sales.

“Speightstown Alive will be held on September 29 and we’ve asked all the businesses (about 54) to lower prices, have a promotion or do a sale and that’s what they’ll be doing on that particular day. It starts from 9 in the morning and the majority of businesses are on board with the project.

“We would have approached every business in Speightstown and we’re doing it because Speightstown has been reported as being dead and that nothing is going on and we might as well shut the whole town down one time because nothing is really happening. This is our effort to prove that Speightstown is viable, that it is alive and that things can happen. The idea is to bring from all over the island to Speightstown for one day only and the businesses are committed . . .,” said Scantlebury.

Those businesses include the supermarkets, clothing stores, book stores, insurance companies and banks.

The political party leader said the idea came about during his talks with the various business owners, managers, and workers and the party realised it had to do something to help.

“We saw this as an opportunity to help these people build things up, to create an environment and do a project that would help to benefit in Speightstown and at the same time, bolster the idea of people across the island that Speightstown is a viable place for them to do their shopping,” he said.

There will be entertainment and promotions during the event. (DS)

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