Respect due

Lawyer, magistrate, teacher, work colleague, school mate, garbage collector, soil technician — it doesn’t matter. Everyone deserves respect. This was what was running through my mind while I slept last night.

You might not notice but because of someone’s social class we might act differently towards them. Growing up in Barbados we were always told to respect our elders and hearing things like “manners maketh man”.

I don’t think this generation really understands how it could make or break you. When you start working you may find that you might encounter a colleague who speaks to you in a condescending tone while everyone else gets this chirpy greeting. This in turn could affect the communication and hence, it affects the productivity level.

I do agree that respect must be earned in some cases but I guess you could say there is entry level respect and everyone has a right to it.

There are times when there’s something you wanna say but you just don’t know how exactly to say it — this is how I feel right now. But I think I got my point across. As always I’m speaking from experience.


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