Reality check

Sitting at work, bored out of my mind, I mean literally just sitting there, looking around at the 4 walls which surround me, looking around at my prison cell which seems smaller and lonelier with every minute that passes…

I look around and I begin to think about the following week, my last week off before university starts back, before the stress returns, my week away from the prison cell, to do as I please. I begin to smile as I imagine sleeping late every day, partying and chilling every night; just having a blast.

Ten minutes into my daydreaming, I receive a message from a friend telling me that she believes that uni is beginning on Monday instead of the week after; all my dreams come crashing down… I probably asked her if she was sure about five times, before it really hit me, before I realized that my dream week was really the beginning of hell…

“Man noooo mannnnn!!!” I thought to myself. “Someone has got to be messing with me…”

I try to come to grip with this situation that hit me between my eyebrows lika big rock. Well, struggle is more like it, yes, struggle, that’s the appropriate word; I struggle to come to grip with this situation.

Just a few more days before it’s time to get serious and hit the books, so I plan to enjoy these last days. You guys better enjoy them too!!


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