Don't neglect old friends

Ever so often someone comes along and we find ourselves latching onto them and reaching a connection where we are willing to take a bullet for them. Ever so often we let our guard down and allow ourselves to care about someone quite a lot. However, this care and strong bond sometimes leads to us losing ourselves or being taken for granted. I have heard so many stories, and I’ve experienced it myself once or twice. Your friend enters a relationship and they begin to neglect you for their boyfriend or girlfriend. Or someone you’ve been close to for a while makes a new friend and it seems like your old friendship with them becomes less important or non-existent.

Don’t let this happen to you. Don’t neglect the people who have been there from the beginning for the new people in your life. Not only is there no way of knowing if this new person will be a permanent addition to your life, but you also never know when you’ll need your old friend. Quite frankly, I can be quite spiteful at times and if you leave me for someone else and then you need me in the future you may find me somewhat cold when you return.

Please understand that I’m not telling you to remain sheltered and stick with your three or four best friends for the rest of your life. Please be aware that I’m not telling you to be antisocial. Please note that I’m not telling you to put a guard wall up and keep new people and new opportunities from coming your way.

All I’m trying to say is be careful who you let in. I’m just telling you to be weary of who you neglect for new additions. Don’t hurt the people who’ve been your support system for as long as you can remember for a drive-by boyfriend, girlfriend or new friend. It’s as simple as that.

Nay <3

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