Broomes feels betrayed by former secretary

Principal Jeff Broomes feels betrayed and hurt by a former secretary and his current second in command at the Alexandra School.

He was reacting to evidence at the Commission of Enquiry into the school, which indicated that information he gave former secretary Merlene Sealy to produce a document on his behalf, was in the possession of Deputy Principal Beverley Neblett-Lashley when she testified at the tribunal recently.

He called the matter, which has been one of the most controversial ones at the enquiry, “one of the most hurtful disclosures at this commission”.

“As far as I am concerned after hearing her (Neblett- Lashley’s) testimony last week and Mrs. Sealy’s I think the disrespect was complete nine years ago. I could not believe that what people had colluded to do to me behind my back with my private thing (document),” the principal testified.

“That was shocking to me… I think maybe everything was done as a result of that — that created the situation that put us here and maybe now it is out in open maybe it is an

opportunity to say … maybe ‘Look this foolishness has been going on too long’.

“You may want to create the impression that what happened in 2011 and 2012 was it, but it is clear to me now since last week that this thing was in the pot cooking for nine years and you must understand that a first innings does not make a cricket match,” he added.

Responding to questions from the Barbados Secondary Teachers’ Union counsel Hal Gollop at the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex, Broomes said the matter “has been hurtful and I mean that, I could not believe that”, and he believed it should have been handled differently.

“It could have been addressed privately at the Ministry (of Education) or wherever … but not to bring it here in a public forum for the world to believe Alexandra does things fraudulently, which is not true,” the principal stated.

Broomes said evidence at the enquiry was “bad” for all of the individuals involved, Alexandra and “the country”. (SC)

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