I still can’t believe how fast the year has flown. In two months the Miss Big & Beautiful Organisation will be hosting the ninth edition of the pageant at the Plantation Garden Theatre under the theme Unstoppable on October 21.

Many people stop and ask me where I get the themes for this pageant every year. Being honest they just come to me, whether I am laying in bed or driving my car. Over the years we have had themes like Rebirth, Loving Me for Me, Take A Look at Me Now, Rise of the Phoenix and Who am I.

This year I chose the theme Unstoppable because through all the controversies, lack of sponsorship, and many sleepless nights the Miss Big & Beautiful Organisation still manages to pull off a successful pageant year after year. Persons purchase tickets, come and witness the end result of a six-month process but no one besides the organisation and contestants truly knows the dedication and hard work it takes to bring an event like a pageant together.

First you have to go through the process of searching from eligible contestants to compete, then comes rehearsals, photo shoots, motivational sessions and outings.

I went online to research the definition of Unstoppable and I found an excellent definition at pickthebrain.com.

Over the past couple of years I kept examining the differences between people that are resilient and others that seem helpless. I was eagerly trying to find out if there was a set of methods or actions that could be followed to make someone really unstoppable and I was right.

What does it mean?

Before I tell you how to become unstoppable let’s first ask the question: What does being unstoppable mean? Does it mean being superior or omnipotent?

Being unstoppable means that you will be a person who will always be able to reach your goals whatever the circumstances are.

If you become unstoppable you might still feel sad or down at times, just like anybody else, but the main difference between you and ordinary people is that within a few days your energy will be recharged, you will find yourself fighting again for what you believe in and you will continue going until you get what you want.

Being unstoppable means that life’s problems will never stop you from reaching what you want whatever happens.

I always say to myself that you are defined by the way you react to the hurdles you face in life. Sometimes you feel like giving up but if you hold on just a while longer your breakthrough will occur. The other day I was in bed and determined to kill this mosquito but after I kept concentrating on it, it just disappeared? I realise life is very similar to that. Sometimes we keep focused on something so much and nothing happens but when we stop trying so hard even to look away or take our mind off of it, something happens!!

Have a wonderful week ahead!!!

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