No stopping the party

Some of the costumes on display.

A recession mas is what Unies International will bring this year for the Miami Broward One Carnival.

The band was launched last Saturday as a pool party at Coral Mist Beach Hotel in Worthing, Christ Church.

And in keeping with the harsh economic environment, band leader Alison Adams said, their theme would be Castaways.

“As the world economy deteriorate and we as a people adrift in an ocean of economic dismay a castaway is a person who fights to survive.

“In this type of economy”, she said, “we can’t afford to do big the expensive costumes and the prize money they pay for big costumes does not commensurate with how much you put in- it really does not allow you to do such”.

Adams however said that while their costumes would not be overly extravagant she would still be staying true to the art of costume designing by being creative with what she had.

Now in its fourth year Unies International will have three sections: Arawak Indian, Rogue Pirate, and The Colonials. The carnival will be held on October 7 and Adams said while it was extremely expensive to bring a costume band in Miami because sponsorship was “tough” she would continue because it was her aim to increase the Bajan presence on the road.

“It is very expensive to have a band on the road, the logistics; the police, garbage collectors and other municipal costs. We hold fund raisers and look for cheaper ways to produce the costumes. I took a really big hit last year but I do it for the love of the festival; but you can’t do it for the love all the time because it gets very expensive. I love it so I am here for now but it is getting difficult,” she said.

Last year’s weather was a hindrance but Adams said she did not foresee such a problem again and added she expected the 150 band members to have a wonderful jump up. (KC)

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  1. Rawle Roachford August 24, 2012 at 1:13 am

    One love Allison. Keep on doing what you are doing. You are an inspiration to Bajan folks.


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