One of a kind camp

Next Olympic here I come!

Adventure Trails is literally a camp like no other.

Its aim is to promote confidence, a healthy lifestyle and encourage a nature to pursue adventure.

Last Friday’s tour of the Atlantic submarine culminated six successful weeks of the inaugural camp. It hosted 22 children ages five to 15 who participated in activities such as: Hiking, snorkelling, archery, horseback riding, the, kayaking, first aid, photography and Information Technology.

Camp director Voghn-Everett Tatem told Barbados TODAY that he conceived the idea of the camp because of his first-hand experience.

He said as a teacher at Good Shepherd Primary School he realised the only time children would engage in physical activity was during physical education or maybe at lunch.

“Certain camps would ask me to take the children hiking and I would think the camps are boring, picture you going hiking one day and the other days, craft. During the summer time I didn’t believe the summer camps contributed to the psychical fitness of the children with all the indoor activity they did.

“We went on three hikes and some of the children weren’t accustomed to these types of activities but at the end they were like professionals. These types of activities helped to boost their confidence. Usually the only other way the children could do these activities would be in boy scouts or something like that but not everyone is cut out for that,” he said.

While last year’s attempt to bring the camp was unsuccessful, Tatum, said, due to the great response this year they would iron out any mistakes and come again next year “bigger and better”.

With the help of camp assistance Reba Nicholls, the final day of camp was spent on board the Atlantic Submarine and the children enjoyed every moment immensely, Tatum.

“They made a lot of noise in the submarine; there was a lot of excitement. There was fear before they got on to the submarine but it seemed as if it added to the adventure. They were freaking out about a turtle on a barge and another that swam around. They saw Horse eye Jacks, they were hundreds of them and a couple Stop light parrotfishs, they had a great a time,” he said.

The day was topped by a concert and prizing giving ceremony where 11 year old Jared Thompson and six year old Shaniah Mayers were presented with the awards for the Most Adventurous Camper. (KC)

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