Green plan for new luxury hotel

Developers of the Merricks Resort and H Barbados luxury boutique hotel have given the assurance that every effort is being made to use renewable energy where possible in the two developments.

In fact, the Harlequin Hotels and Resorts reported today that there are plans to make 85 per cent of the energy used in the Merrick’s, St. Philip development renewable energy centred.

Development Director, David Campion said: “For example with our Merricks Show Village, an 85 per cent of our energy is generated through renewable means by PV panel systems and with H Barbados it is a little bit more difficult because it is a little tight. It is very difficult for us to get that level of renewables.”

He added that the Merricks Show Village would be the catalyst for the development of the resort going forward and the 85 per cent utilisation of renewable energy was something they were hoping to implement throughout the project.

The plan for H Barbados in Hastings, Christ Church, however, he said, was more about energy conservation because that development was on a smaller space than the St. Philip resort.

Campion, speaking to the issue ahead of a media tour of the two properties, said they were looking at conserving energy through various means.

Project Developer with Harlequin Developments, Michael Woodroffe explained: “It is really about heavy insulation. All the rooms will be fully insulated. We are looking at really sophisticated, intelligent control systems that control the AC; when the guests are not in the rooms it keeps down, when a guest comes in and opens a door it closes down…

“We have lighting control systems; we have irrigation control systems. It is a multitude of things we are doing within H [Barbados]…”

The developers said too that they were working with at least two local solar companies in ensuring that their energy usage from renewable sources, again, mainly at the Merricks property.

“Barbados has been spearheading water heating in the Caribbean for years. So we are simply continuing on that journey by ensuring all our hot water needs are provided by solar panels. There are a couple of companies we have gone to tender with and we are using two separate companies, both local…,” said Campion.

The two companies, he said would have beat out competition from other countries, “everywhere from Germany to China”.

“So the expertise is on island to detail solar and PV technologies for projects,” he noted.

Campion hinted as well that they were also looking at employing a new technology, using crushed plastic bottles in the cement as a paveway medium. The technology is still in development, he said though, but was one of the examples of using renewables and recyclables where possible. (LB)

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