Blame the system

At times I feel as though I am being bombarded by fans and well wishers during and after the calypso finals. Everyone is an expert these days but still can’t hold a key unless it is for a tin of corned beef or goes into a lock. They want to tell you what a strong song is but can’t tell you why it is that a song is weak. What experts they are I always say.

There is a very good bunch of what I call follow pattern, as they hear a group say something and they follow what that group says. They don’t seem to be capable of thinking for themselves. If the group says a song is strong it is strong. If a group says a performer is good, then to them he is good, even if that group lives in the same gap as the performer.

I really get a good laugh at times from these people. I love it when some come and call me Lil’ Rick, Edwin, and at times even Duck. One guy even told me he can’t take on Adrian Clarke and how bad he loves my music. He then asked for two Guinness stouts and only after I told him who I really was he decided he liked Adrian Clarke instead.

I can’t leave out the ones who tell me that they are my biggest fans. It is lovely indeed, even when they are calling me by the wrong name and even want to know how I get so short, as they saw me on television looking taller.

Many are going on about the last finals results, but I always say that the judges’ decision is final and we entered the competition well aware of that. No gun is placed to our heads or secret threats made on our lives to enter. We all believe we should have won but only one can win. It is just the mathematical opinion of a select seven which is cut to five since the high and low points are supposed to be discarded.

I must say that I really don’t blame the judges entirely, I blame the system as it is. I don’t know how we expect to get a judge’s decision when the decision is decided mainly on tabulation and not on a collective opinion. Very often results come back and I am sure there are members of the panel who asked what the heck happened there.

I can’t seem to understand the half point thing and I really wish it would cease. It can be very frustrating and I don’t know where the half points come into play. I would like to think it is from the presentation aspect of the point system, but why not give from zero to five?

I understand that the present system was agreed to by representatives of the calypsonians but the amount of times I keep hearing from NCF that things were agreed to by a representative I am at a total loss. First of all, the so called representative never contacts the calypsonians and as far as I am concerned, it is a representative representing themselves and not us calypsonians. Judges are picked and I never know who the list consist of until a final batch is presented. Sometimes I never know who they are until I am going on stage and the MC reads out the list prior to my performing.

At times I just don’t care much about it then, but when I examine the names at the finals I wish one or two were not part of the panel. I believe some know just how to manipulate the system of judging so that their guy or gal is always in with a shot. When I know you are throwing out highs and lows I can mark you so that the scores I prefer to remain are kept and the results will be as I want them. That goes for every contestant and it is easy to do it.

I can give a contestant 40 out of 100 so that my low score is thrown out but the second lowest score which might be a 75 is kept, then the person I prefer to keep high scores just give them a 98 so that any other scores in the 90s will be kept or even give them an even 100. I state all this because I know many are cursing the judges and the winners but the winner(s) have nothing to do with the result and the judges did not have a say on it either since they don’t deliberate — blame the system used, which is one I was never in favour of and so too are many other calypsonians.

So people, when the results come back please don’t curse or boo the winner or for that matter the judges, because they really had very little to do with the results. Hopefully a change will be made for next season. Not that that will stop the fans from being disgruntled when their woman or man fails to win the coveted prize. I must say I can only love it just as I will always love my local calypso experts.

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