Awaiting approvals

Development Director David Campion showing the floor plan of the village at Merricks.

Developers of the Merricks Resort development say that they believe the water issues that would have presented a problem when they first got going could be over.

Vice President of Hotels and Resorts with Harlequin, Garrett Ronan said they had held a recent meeting attended by more than 30 residents in the Merricks area to discuss some of their concerns and update them on the project.

He said the challenges about access to water came up, but they were now of the view that this had been resolved.

“Those questions came up. The water situation we understand is now resolved. There is a master plan for both the island and St. Philip that Government has approved and funding has been set aside for and that will basically take care of the water situation, not just for us, but the water has been an issue for the residents. We believe that will take about 18 months once it begins,” said Ronan.

Other matters relating to impact on the community from the ongoing construction also came up, he added, but said they were committed to ensuring these too were dealt with.

“Those are our neighbours. We are part of the community. Will there be some disruption? It’s a construction project, but the provisions and conditions on the Town and Country Planning that require us to make provisions and take care of those issues. That’s why it is important for us to engage directly with the community to sort out any of these potential issues,” he stated. (LB)

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