Who will rep St. Philip South?

General Secretary George Griffith

by Donna Sealy

Hammie out — Santia in!

That’s how the Barbados Labour Party is predicting things will go for Senator Santia Bradshaw in St. Michael South-East in the next General Elections.

General Secretary George Griffith said in an interview with Barbados TODAY that the party was “always confident” that she would be the winner when the votes were tallied.

He also said that the support for incumbent Hamilton Lashley, who recently announced he will be retiring when the current Parliament is dissolved, “had waned, like the support for all the candidates in their constituencies”.

“Of course you know that when there’s a national swing, very few people are spared. That was borne out in 1986 and we’ve seen it in 2008. We’ve also seen it in 1961,” he added.

Meanwhile, as the Opposition party continues to put its election machinery in place, they have not secured the candidate for St. Philip South, who will go up against incumbent Adriel Brathwaite.

Griffith did not disclose who the prospective candidates are who will face off to carry the party’s banner in the rural riding are, but he said they were two of them.

“That’s among those constituencies which are to be finalised. In other words we have a schedule for the completion of the nominations in all constituencies, it is just a question of following the schedule now,” he said, noting that this seat was the only one where there was “the possibility of a contest”.

“The time is coming and it will certainly be done before the end of the year. I wouldn’t call their names but I would say that they are at least two persons who have expressed an interest,” Griffith said.

“We still don’t know if others will come forward but we know there are two persons,” he added.

The BLP has stepped up its public meetings and there has been increased activity in the constituencies, about which the general secretary said: “It is normal traditionally as election draws near for persons to step up their activity in the constituency and for candidates to make sure they are able to visit the constituencies and the perspective voters with a view to making sure that the voters know them and understand what they stand for and what is the party’s record and position on a variety of issues.

“The view on the ground is that there is a definite swing towards the Barbados Labour Party as was borne out by the CADRES poll, but across the country there is a definite indication that the people at large want to have an election.

“People are concerned with the fact that the present Government, while in Opposition and in their manifesto, made certain solemn pledges to the people of Barbados, a significant number of areas they have not fulfilled. In addition to that the country is hurting because the cost of living is ever rising, we know that inflation has risen from about three per cent to 10 per cent and climbing. Employment has risen considerably and generally speaking, the country is hurting.

“People feel as well that there is the absence of decisive leadership and that from one day to another people seem not to be certain on where the Government stands on very critical issues confronting the country. So there’s this state of flux which exist in the country and it makes people very uncertain, very nervous and we really want to see calm restored to the country and that there’s a purposefulness present with respect to the leadership of the country. Barbadians have grown accustomed to strong and decisive leadership and I think that that is sadly lacking. Those are the issues that people are speaking to us about across the country,” Griffith said. (DS)

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