Policeman's house torched in Antigua

St. John’s — Fire officials suspect that arsonists are behind the blaze that destroyed a Cashew Hill home belonging to a police constable and his pregnant partner Sunday morning.

While no one has been arrested for the incident, police sources said two men, dressed in dark clothing, were seen running from the property around 2:30 a.m. when the fire erupted.

Residents also reported that they saw the duo lurking in the area for about an hour that morning.

The blaze gutted the inside of the two-bedroom wooden structure, which measures about 18?20 in size.

An eyewitness who requested anonymity said: “From the outside, it does not appear damaged, but once you get in there everything is wet and burnt.”

According to the Cashew Hill resident, the occupants of the house, a constable and an employee of the ministry of social transformation, were not at home at the time of the incident since they were both overseas.

“One of the neighbours came out, turned on his light and was shouting at the two men who were in the yard. They were so brazen they didn’t even run, they just continued going to the house,” the witness said.

She added that a neighbour alerted other residents to the apparent trespassing on the property and it was only then the two men scaled the fence and fled the scene. However, by then smoke was already emanating from the back of the house, the witness said.

St. John’s fire brigade responded to the report of the inferno but the property had already been severely damaged internally. (Antigua Observer)

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