Party continues despite nearby murder

PORT OF SPAIN — Even as the body of a murdered man lay nearby, the lime did not stop for dozens of bar patrons in San Fernando yesterday morning.

Andel Seales, 26, of Independence Avenue, San Fernando, died at Sutton Street after being stabbed by a man whom he knew.

Police were told that around 12:30 a.m, Seales and another man were walking along Sutton Street when they were approached by the suspect near the Bethel Gospel Hall.

Seales argued with the man who pulled a knife and stabbed him in the chest before running off.

Seales died before paramedics arrived.

Near the crime scene, several bars were open for business and the music and lime continued while crime scene investigators cordoned off a section of the street.

“The party still have to go on. Not because he dead the party must stop,” one patron told Express photographer Trevor Watson. (Express)

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