Broomes says he has nothing against Greaves

His controversial comments about her alleged non teaching led to a teachers’ strike at the Alexandra School and the eventual convening of a Commission of Enquiry into the institution’s administration and management.

Principal Jeff Broomes sought to make it clear today, however, that he had nothing against head of the school’s Science Department, Amaida Greaves, calling her “a generous person” and a “good person”.

The veteran educator made the statement today when the enquiry continued today at the Wildey Gymnasium, Garfield Sobers Sports Complex. With his evidence led by commission senior counsel Milton Pierce, Broomes was asked to respond to a number of incidents involving Greaves.

“I think Mrs. Greaves is one of the most generous people on the school staff. I think she is a generous person, we don’t have to see eye to eye, I think Mrs. Greaves is a very strong person and based on what I heard in terms of her church situation the strength carries through there in the same way,” he said.

“I think Mrs. Greaves does her work in the main. I am of the belief … that she leaves school too often and comes in late too often for me and is seen on the compound almost every day up and down with a cell phone to her ear and I don’t like that, but I have never said anything along those lines so I am not pushing that as an issue.”

As an example of the challenges he sometimes faced with the same teacher, the principal testified that after asking all of the school’s heads of departments to submit departmental reports by the end of last month, he had not received one from Greaves.

Broomes said he had never picked on the teacher and that he attended school with, and was also a work colleague of her husband for a number of years. (SC)

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