Bostic opens City office

Candidate Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Bostic addressing the opening.

The City Bees are buzzing and are oiling their election machinery.

Over the weekend, Barbados Labour Party candidate for the City of Bridgetown Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Bostic opened his office in Hunte’s Street, just off Baxter’s Road, and initial plans are to open it between 9 a.m. and noon he told Barbados TODAY in a telephone interview.

“I wanted to open the office before but I couldn’t find a location and secondly, it had to be the timing in terms of being able to afford because this is something that I’m doing on my own,” he said.

Having secured the party’s nod to contest the seat last November, he has been out and about the urban constituency canvassing.

“I’ve actually been doing a lot of house-to-house canvassing and I’ve also organised a couple events within some areas of the City of Bridgetown. The major focus however is house-to house canvassing and I’ve had a few spot meetings which were designed to address the issue of the Inter-American Development Bank funded Neighbourhood Upgrade Programme, which was supposed to have bettered the communities of Cat’s Castle and Greenfields and others, but nothing has happened, absolutely nothing.

“When I go house to house the people are telling me that they can’t wait for elections to be called. People who supported Patrick Todd last election are telling me to my face that they gave him a chance because he was there for a while but he can’t come near their houses now. They’re very annoyed with him because he has not done anything.

“People are also talking about the high utility bills which are killing them. They’re a lot of people who’ve had light and water turned off. Unemployment and the cost of living are the major issues the people of the City are telling me about,” he said.

Bostic, who contested the seat in the 2008 General Election against incumbent Patrick Todd of the Democratic Labour Party, said that at this stage he was listening to the people to get an idea of the issues they faced so he could develop “some sort of programme to assist them when the time is right, that is when they’ve elected me”.

He said that not only had he assisted some constituents by finding jobs for them within the private sector, but he was trying to create other opportunities for them as well.

“I’ve been working closely with some groups in the City,” the candidate added.

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has not even hinted at a possible date for General Elections, but Bostic said he was readying himself.

“I’m not as ready as I want to be because I still have a lot of work to do but if elections are called I will do what is required. In terms of my own preparations, I will never say I’m ready because there are things to do, there’s still work to be done. (DS)

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