A strong love for the environment

Sadio Gollop has a plan to increase the environmental awareness of all Barbadians.

The commencement of that plan, almost never occurred, when she gained a Grade Two pass in Unit One at CAPE. Formerly of the Harrison College, in an interview with Barbados TODAY via telephone, Gollop said she was devastated and angry with herself, but after much reassurance from her parents, Anderson and Gillian Gollop, she persisted to earn a 2012 Barbados Scholarship.

The Chancery Lane, Christ Church lass explained that because of her passion for the environment, she decided to take up Environmental Science to make up, and that decision proved to be one of her best yet.

She explained that because a significant amount of the work in Environmental Studies coincided with what was taught in Chemistry and Biology, this gave her the time needed to concentrate on the areas she was weak in as well as time for recreational activities. She said participating in activities such as guitar, piano, karate and as a member of the Duke of Edinburgh scheme helped her to avoid “exploding” because of all the stress associated with exam.

Gollop will be headed to the University of South Hampton in England to study Marine Biology. She said her plan on returning to the island is to enlighten Barbadians on how their practices on the island, for example dumping, had a direct effect on marine.

“The main reason for me pursuing this field is because of my love for the environment. I started studying conservation in Biology and a part of the course was for us to take a trip to the Folkstone Marine Park. The state of the West Coast coral reef as compared to when I was ten was so drastic. I remember I would go on a glass bottom boat and see the beautiful coral reef and tonnes of fish everywhere.

“When I went, there was no colour, it is completely bleached even though it is supposed to be protected. It looks as if no one is taking care of it. The fact that it has deteriorated so quickly has me quite angry to think about it.

“When I am finished I hope to come back and be vocal, especially when they are making laws to deal with marine protection. I would like to increase Barbadians’ awareness of what is off the coast of the island,” she said. (KC)

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  1. Gillian Gollop August 21, 2012 at 1:21 am

    Dear KC

    Thank you for contacting my daughter and highlighting her academic success. To her credit, with focus,discipline and the support of her teachers she earned NINE Grade ONE (1s) in CAPE Unit One and Two passes and ONE Grade 2 pass in CAPE Unit One.


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