New $20 for bank's 40th

Commemorative banknote to mark central bank’s anniversary

The Central Bank of Barbados issued a new commemorative $20 banknote on August 15, as part of its 40th anniversary celebrations.

The note, which is now general circulation, has as its added features an overprint reading “40 years” along with the Central Bank’s logo over the watermark area on its front. A large “40” numeral, the annotation “40th Anniversary of the Central Bank of Barbados” and the dates “1972 – 2012” are imprinted on its back.

The bank advises that the $20 note currently in circulation remains legal tender and reminds the public of its security features:

i. A small watermark-type image of a Pride of Barbados flower is located to the right of the map of Barbados.

ii. The thread is partially visible when lying flat. It is wider and less reflective than previous threads, but, like them, is printed with the text “CBB” and the note’s denomination. When held up to light, the thread becomes a solid line. Under UV light, the thread fluoresces blue and the text fluoresces yellow.

iii. The numeral in the top left-hand corner is significantly raised above the surface of the paper, giving the paper a unique feel. The raised surface of the numeral also allows easy identification by the visually impaired.

iv. The Coat of Arms and the waves near the flying fish in the centre of the banknote fluoresce green and yellow under UV light.

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