The countdown…

Partying tonight, partying tomorrow night, chilling on the beach with some friends on Sunday, and plans for the next week are to be announced. I mean, I’d love to be out and about every night until it is time to go back to that dreaded place that people call school, university, hell, man, whatever you wanna call it.

Only a few more weeks left before our heads are buried in the books. A few more weeks before it is time to hurt our heads worrying about tests, assignments and what else we worry about.

The horrid countdown begins…

Time to pay fees, register for courses, get books, a bag, clothes, and whatever else you need. I don’t know how everyone prepares for school but I just take it one day at a time… That usually means rushing to do everything last minute. Lollol but I just don’t see the need to stress myself with worrying about school when it is still summer time. I plan to enjoy the rest of summer and you guys should too! So doannnn stress!

So, whether you have started to countdown or not, just try to enjoy the rest of your summer! Oh and guys, be careful!


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