Playing a part


Parents have been reminded that they have a major part to play in their children’s success.

This advice came from Acting Deputy Chief Education Officer, Joy Adamson, when she spoke at the Anthony Francis-Worrell Scholarship Ceremony.

“You have to take responsibility for raising your children. You have to learn the rules of your child’s school, and just like you learn the rules of the land, you must encourage your children to abide by them.

“We are leaving too much for the school to do. My husband believes we should stop teaching the present curriculum and teach our school children the values of discipline, responsibility, respect for others, property and life.

“The parents are the ones who have to take responsibility for teaching values, good manners and respect for others. Good manners aren’t taught from television or from watching other children. Parents must get involved to equip children with the skills and attitudes that will help smooth their way through life.

“Be present for your children. Pay attention to what they are doing and support them. Speak to them encouragingly. Respect them. Tell them they can do it. Tell them always to be the best that they can be,” Adamson stressed.

Francis-Worrell, an attorney in whose honour the scholarship is awarded, urged this year’s recipients, Alex Hart and Rhenea Gaskin and all the children present to stay focused and always exercise good manners.

“Do not be distracted. Remain focused on the tasks. Choose your friends wisely and do not be led astray by negative influences. Make the right choices during the day, and when you feel yourself drifting to negative things — choose the positive.

“I believe that if students adhere to the rules of the school and remember the Golden Rule — ‘Treat others as you would like them to treat you’ — there will be more peace in our schools. There is now too much conflict. Conflict between students, between student and teacher and unfortunately at times between parent and teacher,” he added. (DB)

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