Homicides on the rise

KINGSTON — There has been an increase in the number of homicides committed across the island between January and the ending of July, as opposed to the corresponding period last year, despite an intensified drive by the security forces to stem the nation’s runaway murder rate.

According to crime figures released by the Jamaica Constabulary Force on Monday, there were 643 reported cases of murder, which is 13 more than the 630 cases reported between January and the ending of July 2011.

The bloodiest months on record for 2012, according to the police statistics, are May, which registered 120 murders; January with 108; February, which saw 96; and June, 88. These are followed by July, which saw 87 murders; March with 73; and April, 71.

A total of 1,133 murders were reported last year.

Gang-related violence continued to drive the homicide rate, although there was a decline in last month’s murder figures linked to gang activities, compared to July last year.

According to the JCF, 51.7 per cent, or 45, of the 87 murders committed last month were identified as gang-related. Last year July, 52 of the 104 murders committed for the month were attributed to gang activities.

The figures underscored the need for the police to intensify their anti-gang drive that was launched early last year with some success, a sentiment expressed by Glenmore Hinds, the deputy commissioner of police in charge of operations, in a release that accompanied the crime statistics.

“I am giving the assurance that the JCF and its partners will do everything within legal limitations to impact further on the gangs, their movement, their space, so as to make the country safer,” said Hinds.

Police Commissioner Owen Ellington said that the JCF had, through its anti-gang strategy implemented last year, managed to dismantle half of the 57 criminal enterprises targeted.

Monday’s statistics showed that 29 of the 87 murders for the month of July were criminal-related, but not gang-related. July 2011 ended with 35 such murders, according to the statistics. Domestic-related murders stood at six at the end of last month. Mob killing accounted for one murder, while six of the 87 murders were not categorised. (Observer)

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