Thanks for the mention, Al

By Adonijah

Dear Al Gilkes, first of all thanks for bigging up my song Someting Lef In De Bottle. I am happy to have been sufficient inspiration to make you jump in a band for Kadooment again and survive too!

I can identify with the aches and pains but after a certain point, lemme mek it clear you talkin’ fuh youself and bout youself! Cuddear, de young girls like dey gi’ you bare pressure, Al. Yuh got my sympathy, man.

Lemme remind you of something, though. When I was in third form at Kolij I sat at a desk with your name carved into it. You had lef school long time. So don’ worry wid talkin bout de two ah we like if we is contemporaries. And dis talk bout how I could only brek up a young girl iffin I hit she in de head wid my bottle apply to you, not me! You bes’ cah yuh old self!

I good, hear? You talk fuh yuhself! How yuh like muh, Al?

One Love


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