Ruling the runway

Queen for the night accepting her award.

It takes more than height to be fabulously fierce on the runway, and Miss Runway Blitz 2012 proves this.

Last Sunday at Cricket Legends in Fontabelle, St. Michael, the petite Shemara Morris stomped her way to victory.

Standing at just five feet two inches tall, the 20 year old told Barbados TODAY that her ultimate goal was to become a print model and the runway competition was her catalyst.

She said that at times throughout the competition she found it very difficult and had even planned to drop out.

“I wasn’t getting sponsorship or the support I wanted from some people but my friends pushed me and some of the contestants told me to keep on. They knew I could come out on top — that I should not give up.”

Over the past few months the mother of two year old Danielle has grown in confidence. The only part of the show, she said, she was really nervous about was “my speech and the crowd reaction”. Other than that, she said, on the night of the show she was ready.

“I thought I was ready until I looked into the crowd and did not see my mother’s face or my daughter and I was backstage crying real bad. My best friend came and said ‘Don’t worry I am here for you’.

“I went did the speech and when it was over I was good from there. I wanted my mum there because she is my hardest critic. Before, when I would be practising the dance or my speech and if she didn’t like it she would make me start over and come again. Before I left though she said ‘Go do your best, I am proud of you’ and that is all I was thinking about when I was up there.

“I didn’t expect to win but I had a wonderful time,” she said.

Five other contestants took part in the inaugural Runway Blitz show.

Second place and the Miss Punctuality prize went to Shardinay Worrell, while Janelle Forde was third, Most Improved and People’s Choice winner.

Miss Photogenic was Kadisha Blades and Best Evening Gown was Katrina McCollin. (KC)

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