Mikey’s back to giving

With only one more donation to go, Team Mikey was at the De Rose Senior Citizens Home last Sunday.

Mikey during presentation to De Rose Senior Citizens Home.

‘King Mikey’, as he is affectionately being called since making history by winning four crowns over the Crop-Over season, made the presentation to the owner of the home, Rosene Pilgrim, at the Charnocks, Christ Church location.

After an unplanned delay due to competition and performing commitments, Mikey was happy to get back to the donation trail as giving back was is something that is near and dear to his heart. He admitted that he was still absorbing the shock of his quadruple win and expressed gratitude to all of his fans and sponsors but was eager to fulfill the commitment he and his Team had made to complete ten weeks of donations.

The Team Mikey Movement has one final donation to make on Sunday and will be headed to the Haynesville Children’s Home in St. James. This week the Team Mikey barrel will be located at Super Centre Big B in Rendezvous, Christ Church. (DS)

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