End lawlessness

SSA’s Carl Padmore making case for workers.

by Davidson Bowen

“Because they pick up garbage does not mean that they should be treated like garbage.”

This was the incensed admonition this morning by Public Relations Officer of the Sanitation Service Authority, Carl Padmore, after a group of young men attacked and “burst the head” of SSA lorry loader Fitzgerald Moore in Storey Gap, St. Michael.

“It is my understanding that around 10:30 this morning while the SSA compactor was in the area picking up household waste the lorry loader noticed a bag was much heavier than the recommended weight which is between 25 and 30 pounds.

“The bag is not a big bag, but it is a heavy bag at the bottom of the can, it would take about two men to get out. By the time the compactor truck turned around the road was blocked with two cans and a supermarket cart and the worker was struck in the head and had to run to his house for shelter,” Padmore said.

He also stressed that this was not the first time such an incident occurred, despite continuous plea to the public.

“We offer an essential service and the men and women executing that service should never have to do so in fear. Our workers have been spat at, cursed, had objects hurled at them and even threatened with cutlasses, knives and guns. This type of situation cannot continue.

“Because they remove garbage does not mean that the public should treat them like garbage. This is a very serious matter and we are calling for an end to it. He had to be rushed from here in an ambulance,” Padmore said from outside Moore’s house where neighbours had just washed away a trail of blood.

Residents in the area are also calling for an end to the lawlessness.

A neighbour and friend of Moore said it was a very strange and uncomfortable situation.

“He don’t get involve in nothing and he and nobody out there not in any dispute. This foolishness has to stop just yesterday they hold a guy and beat him out there. I don’t advocate smoking marijuana and wasting time on the block but there are some out there who are respectful and others who are very lawless,” he pointed out.

As a result of yesterday’s attack the truck was pulled from the route, the remainder of which was not serviced.

Police are investigating. (DB)

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