Triumph through adversity

Jamila Jones

The past year has not been the best for Jamila Jones but she is persevering.

The 18 years old lost her mother, Selma Grazette-Jones, on Foreday Mornin’ one year ago, but with the help of cousins, other family members, teachers and friends she was able to achieve one of the dreams her late mother had for her.

This year, Jones is one of the 24 Barbados Scholarship winners; she gained Grade 1 passes in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Caribbean Studies.

In a telephone interview with Barbados TODAY, the former Queen’s College student told of the celebratory plans she and her mother had.

“She always said I would get a scholarship, so we had plans for when the scholarships results came back. We had planned to get our hair done, a spa day and a lot of different stuff like going on tours all across Barbados before I left the country.

“I know if she was here she would hug me and tell me how much she was proud of me, she always had this broad smile on her face and I can see it now,” she said.

Jones is headed for the University of Waterloo to pursue a full Degree in Actuarial Science. She said the hardest part of preparing for her examinations was trying to focus.

“Studying wasn’t hard, maths has always been really easy for me. When I was in third form I was always getting 100 (per cent) and my maths teacher, Miss Thompson, told me Actuarial Science was something she thought I should pursue. I went home looked up what it was like at some Universities and stuff and it became a goal.

“It was really hard coming home and she not being there for me — it is just so different. When I was studying every day I kept thinking about her and it was really hard to focus. I started Salsa dancing to relax myself a bit because I did have distractions and that was great. I studied with my cousins and they helped me a lot too. Miss Thompson is great, she and all the other teachers and everyone were great,” she said. (KC)

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