Scholar offers sound advice

Sabrina Holder

Sabrina Holder’s secret to success is preparation.

She is a 2012 Barbados Scholarship awardee and her advice for other young people was to make early preparation a habit.

In an interview with Barbados TODAY this afternoon she encouraged young Barbadians to know what they wanted and know that to achieve their goals sacrifices had to be made.

“I must say to get the grade ones you must put in a lot of work and sacrifice a lot of materials stuff like games and television, Internet and partying. Just do your work, don’t wait until exam time to study for exam — start early. It is a continuous process and you should do throughout. It is all about dedication,” she said.

A member of the Harrison College Key Club, modern jazz dancer at Dance Strides Barbados, pannist for Holy Trinity Steel band, the 18 year old gained all Grade 1 passes in Mathematics, Biology Chemistry, Communication Studies and Caribbean Studies for her award.

“You need to mix some pleasure with the work, so you won’t feel bogged down,” she advised. “It is all about balancing your time and knowing what goes where. Everything has its time slot, if you balance your time well, it shouldn’t be a problem.

“I would like to inspire persons like myself, who come from humble beginnings. Those who are not the daughters of architects or doctors, but those who just have a dream. I believe if you put in the hard work you will receive the results. You can achieve, you just have to be passionate about what you do.

“You need to be courageous, to persevere — just believe in your dreams and fight for them. With God’s help you will succeed,” she said.

Holder said her goal was to study paediatric cardiology, and she has already been accepted to study medicine at the University of the West Indies Cave Hill campus. However she said she was awaiting word from the Mona campus since she preferred to study in Jamaica.

Holder described music a key to her coping with the stress of examinations. After a long week of work, she said, music on Friday relaxed her. Another reliever was God, whom she credited for all her success.

“I want to thank God of course, I went of church and asked him for his help and her was always there for me. My parents, Veronica and Winston Holder, they provided the emotional support I would have needed as it was quite stressful at times with some of the assignment and SBAs.

“And obviously they would have helped me to relax socially because they gave me the money to go out. Close friends the Hardings were also there for me.”

In the near future she said she intended to have a dinner or big party with friends and family to celebrate her achievement, but for now she was still digesting he feat. (KC)

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