Regional Day for Caribbean athletes

Parliamentary representative for St. Michael South East,

Hamilton Lashley

has suggested that a Regional Day of Recognition for the Caribbean’s athletes be staged.

Lashley offered this suggestion earlier today in the House of Assembly while congratulating Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago on their 50th anniversary of independence.

The veteran MP, who will be retiring when general elections are called, noted that the region was highlighted through the region’s athletes at the recently concluded London Olympics.

Lashley contended that the athletes could be used to boost the region’s tourism product, adding that Caribbean people should see the region as one and expressed the hope that there would be full integrated in the not too distant future.

He described the ordinary citizens of the region as the trail-blazers in regional integration, adding they were creating grass roots groups that interacted with the counterparts in the various countries. While acknowledging the exploits of the region’s track and field athletes, Lashley pointed out that Barbados also had a world champion in the person of Suki King.

Lashley suggested that King should be afforded all the courtesies of a world champion, including a diplomatic passport.

The St. Michael South East MP argued that the time was ripe for a Caricom meeting to be convened, to allow a regional approach to tackling the economic turbulence faced by individual countries. Lashley noted that in many cases the territories were separated from each other by a flight of a mere 30 minutes.

In lauding the Prime Minister’s initiative in leading off the debate, Lashley said it demonstrated his commitment to Pan-Africanism and his level of consciousness. (NC)

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