Nefarious, insidious and nasty

This Crop-Over, Celebration Time was one of the “victims” of the NCF or as I call them the “Nefarious Cultural Foundation”. They were willing to displace and offset our August 1 event Old Hype vs New Hype for the sake of them wanting to have a “band rehearsal” that could have been done the next day at the same venue.

Despite the fact that we pleaded with them how moving the date after all the money we had spent on marketing would impact negatively on the event, they were unyielding. They didn’t give a damn.

They act like an organisation who don’t give a damn, and its because they don’t.

As others have said, it has become a “promoter” organisation that looks after its own interests. The well being of its supposed charges are of no concern. This is evidenced in the statements of the Minister of Culture who so proudly spoke of how successful Crop-Over was for “NCF events” and how many people attended “NCF events”. He didn’t mention tents didn’t do well this year or there was no 10 to 10 fete and other private events that didn’t get permission to come off, as that was not his concern.

What mattered is that NCF events did well. Even if they had to trample over a private event like they did with us.

They had the audacity to put out a statement saying they were no part of the dispute Celebration Time had at Crop-Over, and that statement was true, they weren’t part of it. They were the cause of it, and they weren’t part of the amicable settlement either.

That’s why they deserve the name “Nefarious” because that is what they are, Nefarious, Insidious and Nasty.

To call them the “Nasty Cultural Foundation” sounds so common, don’t you think? Nefarious, now that’s a good solid word. So say after me, “Nefarious Cultural Foundation”. Good, now you are getting it.

— Peter Boyce

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