Mottley: Caribbean people are one

Mia Mottley is a Caribbean person.

The St. Michael North East MP declared her Caribbean identity earlier today in the House of Assembly while congratulating Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago on their achievement of 50 years of independence.

The former Deputy Prime Minister in lending her support to Caribbean integration stressed that achievement would only come through cooperation.

Arguing that Caribbean people are “one people”, Mottley referred to Black Stalin’s calypso Caribbean Man, which says: “We came on the same ship from the same place.”

Stating 50 years of independents was nothing to scoff at, the former attorney general stressed that no country had a divine right to success.

Mottley, who once held the culture portfolio, maintained that the greatest resource of the Caribbean was its creativity. Arguing that as a region most of the territories suffer from what she called “implementation deficit disorder”, Mottley pointed out that in many cases the bureaucratic system got in the way.

She suggested that our system of governance in the West Indies needed to be examined, noting that Gabby, in his calypso West Indian Politician either consciously or unconsciously put his finger on the problem when he said that the Westminister system of government was choking the region.

She said she regretted that over the last four years there had been a pause in the integration movement. Mottley noted that while regional politicians fight each other at the island level, there was consensus at the Caricom level.

Commenting on the outstanding success of Jamaica’s track and field athletes, Mottley maintained that every genius needed an opportunity. Jamaica’s history in athletics, she added, reached back over 60 years. She noted that when she held the Ministry of Culture she had recognised the importance of the cultural industry. (NC)

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