Money should be spent on youth

While recognising Sunday as the International Day of the Youth, former Barbados Labour Party candidate for the Christ Church East Central constituency in the 2008 general election, Dalton Lovell, argued that the tools should have been given to the youth to make Barbados proud.

Lovell presented this argument on Sunday night while addressing a BLP mass meeting at the Prior Park roundabout in St. James.

He said: “The $600,000 spent on the Alexandra Commission of Enquiry should have been spent to develop our youth. The $6 million spent on constituency councils could have been used to develop the island’s youth.”

Lovell accused Minister of International Business and International Transport, George Hutson, of sitting idly by while the country stood to lose one billion dollars in revenue and scores jobs.

Highlighting the harsh economic conditions under which several Barbadians now live, Lovell claimed that some grandmothers were now feeding children biscuits soaked in warm milk four or five days a week.

Lovell also claimed that some individuals were now making the decision whether to buy medication or food.

Commenting on the reported disharmony in the Democratic Labour Party, Lovell said Freundel Stuart had threatened to resign if the late David Thompson had dismissed Dr. Denis Lowe. Lovell also recalled that Minister of Agriculture, Dr. David Estwick, threatened to resign if his ministry did not receive more funding.

He claimed that plans were in place to dethrone Prime Minister Freundel Stuart as party president at this month’s party conference. Lovell alleged that at least 14 parliamentarians were in the plan to dethrone Stuart.

The former candidate argued that the policies introduced by the DLP had brought the country to an “awful mess”.

Lovell charged too that Barbadians could not expect anything but junk when the economy is being managed by Senator Jeptor Ince, Chris Sinckler and Freundel Stuart.

He said: “If your daughter or son is ill you will take them to a trained doctor. Similarly, the BLP has Clyde Mascoll, Anthony Wood and the Maestro Owen Arthur.” (NC)

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