Following in her sister's footsteps

Alicia Alleyne

Usually, younger sisters have a tendency of being compared to and being expected to compete with their older siblings.

However, Alicia Alleyne used her sister’s success as an inspiration. The Harrison College student attained four Grade 1 passes in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Caribbean Studies to be awarded a 2012 Barbados Scholarship.

Alleyne’s sister is a practising doctor in Ohio in the United States.

The 18-year-old said going into the examinations she knew her parents, Dennis Alleyne and Marcia Devonish-Alleyne, were expecting the same kind of success from her.

“I knew my parents were expecting me to do well too but I didn’t look at her like competition or anything like that; she was more an inspiration. She did well and it pushed me to do the same.

“From the time I was in primary school I was talking about winning a Barbados Scholarship — it was my dream and I tried my best to achieve it,” she said.

Though she faced some obstacle, what she referred to as “normal teenager things”, she was able to stay focus on her goals to achieve success.

“I had to keep telling myself that my work was more important and I could always get back to those things,” she said.

When the results were announced, Alleyne said, her parents, family and friends were overjoyed. They had a dinner in her honour, but she said she did not want a party because she was not “a big bash person”.

The young woman will leave Barbados in late August to start her studies in Chemical Engineering at the University of Toronto. Immediately after her Bachelor’s degree is completed she said she intended to pursue her Masters in the same field. (KC)

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