Fire Dems!

BLP supporters at last night’s meeting.

Barbados Labour Party candidate for St. James South, Sandra Husbands, wants Barbadians to “fire” the Democratic Labour Party administration from office and throw their support behind the BLP. Husbands made her call last night while addressing members and supporters of the BLP at the Prior Park Roundabout, St. James.

The former senator suggested that the country was crying out for competence. “This country is crying out for guidance and competence. Government is a serious undertaking. Government and asking people to follow you is something you should never do lightly. For when you say you want to govern, you are saying to people trust me with your life,” she said.

“You are saying to people trust me with your life. You are saying to people you can depend on my ability and competence to deliver what I say I am going to deliver to you.”

Husbands said most members of the constituency she was seeking to represent were asking her: “When are general elections scheduled to be held because these people do not know what they are doing?”

She argued that this was the cry everywhere, even among those who voted for the DLP.

explain the inexplicable. Husbands said people who supported the ruling party now had to make excuses for the foul-ups, bleeps and blunders that have attended the administration. She believed the current administration “is the worst government at the worst possible time”, and she also claimed the BLP had always brought a level of competence and ability in everything they did. Husbands said in four short years the DLP has brought the country to “junk and dump”. She suggested that whenever a party assumes office “you must have a vision, you must have a plan and you must be able to say you have the qualities to execute that plan”. Husbands also said under the DLP Barbados ran the risk of being a failed state. She identified the increase in licensing fees, the imposition of a cellular tax that could not be collected, the Coverley Housing Development, the Four Seasons, Alexandra School and Clico as some of the more glaring blunders of the Stuart administration. The candidate also criticised the performance of her political opponent, Minister of Health Donville Inniss. (NC)

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