Principal amazed at students’ discipline

Principal of Harrison College, Winston Crichlow, said he remains amazed at his students’ ability to balance their studies and extra-curricular activities.

“It is clearly evident that the school continues to perform well and improve its performance over the years. I remain amazed at the capacity of our students to not only study but also to engage in lots of wholesome pursuits. Their involvement in a number of extra curricular activities does not in any way subtract from their achievement.

“Actually, evidence seems to point in the direction that persons who are disciplined and are involved in these co-curricular activities they tend to be the ones who excel academically,” he told Barbados TODAY via telephone, the same day the Barbados Scholarship and Exhibition winners were announced.

The school won 13 Scholarships and nine Exhibitions, and while the principal of the Crumpton Street institution did not want to take away from that feat, he said that those students who did not should not be discredited.

“Only about 10 per cent of the cohort are the ones that reach that level but the others do extremely well, because a Grade 2 at CAPE is a very, very good grade based on CXC’s grade profile.

“Grade profile descriptors indicate it is a very good grade and therefore persons not getting an award should not be made to feel that they’ve not achieved. They’ve done extremely well and they would have met the matriculation requirements for university anyhow because that’s where most of our students go, straight to university after sixth form. So they too must be commended for their hard work and be encouraged to continue to excel in their chosen career.

“I want to congratulate them, the teachers and of course the parents for the support that they’ve given their children over the years. The school will continue to explore ways to improve on our performances this and every year without doubt,” said Crichlow. (DS)

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