Police impasse causing concern


Relations between the Police Services Commission and the leadership of the Royal Barbados Police Force are causing concern.

The issue was raised last night by Deputy Opposition Leader Dale Marshall, who said an impasse involving Dottin, the PSC and Deputy Commissioner of Police, Bertie Hinds, needed urgent resolution, with an aspect of the matter now before the law courts.

This related to recommendations for the promotion of 60 members of the organisation.

Marshall told a Barbados Labour Party mass meeting at Prior Park, St. James that the PSC, which has been appointed by the Governor General on the recommendation of the Prime Minister, threw out 20 of the commissioner’s recommendations and appointed 20 other individuals who were not recommended by the commissioner, but by Hinds.

Marshall charged that on a previous occasion the recommendations submitted by the commissioner to the PSC were ignored. He recalled the occasion when Dottin had placed a ban on a show by Jamaican dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel, he learned while on his way to the airport that his deputy had overturned it.

Marshall recalled that soon after this incident the PSC brought charges against Dottin which members of the legal profession dismissed as “absurd, ridiculous and specious”. He said Dottin has been fighting this day in and day out.

“Is there anything about the present situation that can ensure that the force can remain stable in those situations, he asked?” Marshall also wondered what role Adriel Brathwaite was playing in ensure the Force’s operations were not tainted.

“Would you believe that a man named Adriel Brathwaite is watching this every day? There is that old saying that while Rome was burning Nero was fiddling. And while the Royal Barbados Police Force is being brought to its knees, we have an administration that struts around, stands up, smiles and do as they please without a care in the world of what happens to you and me tonight,” he said.

“When we speak about poor governence that is exactly what we are speaking about. So this has now caused 15 of those officers to bring a court case.” (NC)

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