Modelling is Forde’s passion

Danielle Forde

Danielle Forde is walking proof that beauty and brains can make a compelling combination.

The 18-year-old Harrison College student is one of 24 who won Barbados Scholarships this year, and while she has her eye on pursuing studies in Biochemisty, she said she was more inclined to go after her dream to become a model.

It came as a surprise to Forde when her name was one of those called for a scholarship, especially as she did not think she had done well enough in Chemistry.

While she said her exams in Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Caribbean Studies and Communication Studies “did not go so badly”, the brainy young woman laughed as she admitted scoring ones in all of the subjects.

What was surprising was her admission that she was interested in taking a year off to model.

“I’m thinking of taking a year off because I model currently, so I am thinking of taking a year off to pursue modelling. If I don’t do that I will be going to Cave Hill.”

Forde began modelling at 13 when she answered a casting call, but stopped because the experience was not as good as she expected. But then she was spotted by Graham Edwards of Gadal Model Management and he invited her to consider becoming one of his models.

“I was out with my mom and Graham spotted me and asked me if I would be willing to join his agency and we said we would give him a call back but we never did. Then he saw us like two times after that and each time he would ask are you thinking about the modelling, are you thinking about it. I told my mom I think I wanted to do it and we called him and we talked. I did the casting for him and I got signed like a month later and I started there.

“I started with him last year and it has been going really well so far, I enjoy it. I am following my dream and if I am following my dream then I am going to do modelling first, but if I am going to do the academics then it is biochemistry, but I really love modelling; it is something I am passionate about, so I would like to succeed at that.”

While she had early dreams of doing medicine, now she just wants to see where the interesting combination of modelling and biochemistry will take her. (LB)

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