Going for her dreams

Cherisse Francis

Cherisse Francis knows what she wants and she is going after it.

She likes talking and arguing and plans to be a lawyer.

Having pursed Visual Arts, Sociology, Law, and two units of Environmental Science this year, as well as Caribbean and Communications Studies, she was awarded Grade 1s in most of them.

The Exhibition winner from Queen’s College said today that she will be heading to the Cave Hill campus of the University of the West Indies.

“I will probably go into legal drafting or maybe entertainment law. With legal drafting I will get to be actively involved in something throughout the island and the decision making process and in entertainment law I will get to play out some of my other passion in arts. I have a passion for arts, any kind of art and if I do entertainment law I will more or less be in that industry.

“I have a passion for arts. I will never drop that no matter what I do so I had to do art, there was no choice and then I did Environmental Science because last year I got three [Grade] 1s and a 2 which meant that I was eligible for the Exhibition on course but because of my [Grade] 2, I wouldn’t have been able to get a scholarship which is what I really wanted. So I did two units of EVS which meant that I did six subjects instead of the four …”, she explained.

The teenager said she likes working with mixed media and doing craft and makes jewellery and bags.

“I make all kinds of bag which was actually my creative project, which is something we have to do for CXC,” said the Holder’s Terrace, St. James resident. (DS)

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